Lincoln Rowe

Operations Director

Lincoln Rowe bio Channel Five Productions started 8 years ago as a dream and has now manifested into a fully fledged company. After 8 years of working in the industry we have hosted 0ver 64 outdoor events for companies like Durban street food festival, beyond the event horizon new years and Manifestation.

We also joined hands with other Event organizer’s and started getting involved in the corporate events . After 6 years of learning the industry and building up our own sound, lighting, décor, power distribution etc. we decided to launch own Brand Namely Random Reality.

Random Reality was born 6 years ago and has steadily started growing. Random Reality and Channel Five Productions is my brain child and I intend to keep focused and drive this ship till we hit land.


Allistair Lundall

Technical Director

With a career in music spanning four decades now working alongside bands from childhood until starting a mobile disco in the mid 80’s.

After school a brief stint in the theatre and then several years in the night clubbing game which led to the realisation that this is a lifelong commitment to the industry ultimately bringing him to his calling to deliver world class eventing. Having worked for all the big name brands in the industry and having a hand in all the annual draw cards to the city.

Allistair has a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding all of the these events working alongside all of the big players including Mnet, Supersport, SA cricket, Etv news, SABC as well heading the team at the UN conference ICC (COP 17).

What we love

Lighting. Rigging. Staging.

Audio Visual Production

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the party and outdoor dance scene from Jozi to Durban. We do private gigs, offering our experience and resources to be your one stop solution for all your event requirements. We are passionate about hosting events and proud of the relationships we have built over time.

Stage Design

As the organizers we take every precaution to eliminate any mishaps. All our structures are signed off by engineers and our events have dedicated safety officers to ensure all aspects of safety. Our events do not run without public liability in place.

Sound Engineering

Channel Five Productions hosted 13 events in the last 3 years. Each event done with pure love for the festival scene, with 10 big New Year events namely Event Horizon, Unyaka and Ama-full-throttle. We entertained 35000 People and showcased 580 Acts including 24 Internationals.