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Band Support

Channel Five Productions has over two decades of experience in the concert and touring sector, making us the ideal production supplier. Whether it be for lighting, audio, rigging, power or a combination of our key areas, we’re a one stop solution.

Our in-house engineers and freelance staff have an extensive background in concerts and touring, in all key technical areas of the company.

Channel Five Productions also has the equipment and resources that enables them to provide multiple identical systems, whether it’s for events that run at the same time or tours which involve leap-frogging of systems. Contact one of our project managers today to find out what we can do for your event.

Events & Décor

As a full service event planning company, we provide solutions for every step of the planning process, from conceptualization to execution. No matter the size of your event, we will assist you in providing a professional and innovative experience, utilizing cutting-edge technologies that will create a lasting impression for your attendees.

We also have a extensive range of fabrics to transform your event into a dynamic, vibrant event to suit your company profile and position your event in terms of look and feel.

Brand Activation

Channel Five Productions has hosted a number of brand activations for, amongst others, Heineken, Ciroc, Coke, Veuve Clicquot etc. We provide everything from TV's and lighting, to audio and video. We work with selected production companies to design props and sets for brand activations. We work with a number of companies based all over the country to facilitate any activations in the KZN region.

We’re ready to help you unleash that key promotional message, using live interaction and an impressive selection of talented people and brand ambassadors, gifts, giveaways and intelligent value-adds.

Safety & Security

Channel Five Productions has built up a number of contacts with regards to medics, safety officers, security companies and structural engineers. We offer full advice and assistance for any event. To date we have hosted 32 events over the past 12 years, without incident. Safety and security are core principles in any event, big or small.


Channel Five Productions offers full event catagorisation, planning, conceptualization and consulting services. We can advise any client, according to the law, regarding all documentation and applications, for example, event catagorisation application through the municipalities, metro police, SAP, safety plan, liquor license applications, structural certificates, vendors licenses, medics and security.

Corporate Events

Making the right impression the first time, is essential with any corporate event, be it a conference for your own employees or a large product launch to you clients.

Our creative in-house designers will ensure that your event has the best visual impact, whilst working within any budgetary parameters. A spectacular set design is enhanced with lighting, to create colour, texture, mood and impact. Not only does it need to look good, but everyone must be able to hear your message.

With our extensive experience in distributed audio systems and the attention to detail of our engineers, we can ensure that everyone can hear what’s going on, with the same clarity, no matter where they’re sat in the room.

Power Distribution

Both Outdoor and Indoor events require a power source that is reliable and consistent, whether from grid power (Eskom) or from generator. Without power, your event simply can't happen. The Channel Five Productions team is fully qualified to take care of this element of the show. Our electrical distribution design ensures that, should one section of the reticulation trip, sufficient power will remain operational while the fault is identified, isolated and the tripped section re-energized. Channel Five Productions' power design philosophy is that the “show must go on”.

For all events, when local power supply is insufficient for the requirements of the event, is unstable, or the proximity of power is a concern, generator power is often the main power source for the event - especially for outdoor events. Increasingly, however, indoor events are also deploying generators for back up or in case of a general power outage.

Channel Five Productions' power division supplies mobile trailer-mounted generators, from 30kVA to 500kVA, as well as an array of extension cables and adapters to suit any installation. The generators are silenced to between 70 and 80 dB (at a distance of 10 meters) and provide a clean, stable and reliable electrical supply, wherever your event takes place.

Sound Hire

From the minimum PA system requirements of a microphone and amplifier, to large scale public announcement systems including multiple speakers, loudspeakers, multiple microphones, recording software, sound mixing consoles (to combine and modify multiple sources) and amplifiers for louder volume sources, we stock it all.

We can provide expert advice on your PA system requirements, whether you are looking for greater coverage and/or wider distribution throughout an entertainment venue, an office building, retail space, or an outdoor environment. We have a comprehensive stock of equipment that changes and updates all the time, as we keep abreast of technology and trends in the event equipment hire industry.

Please ask if we have what you are looking for, whether it be Sound Hire, Audio Visual Hire, Lighting or Stage Hire, we can source any specific requirements that you may have. Our equipment list is moulded around our customers, so let us add your gear requirements to this list.

Outdoor Events

Channel Five Productions offers full outdoor event conceptualization and implementation services.